The 600 workout

Ive been using this type of workout for a few years now mainly as a way to get back into a fitness regime or a way to shock the body. But I also found that its a great way to lean out.

bosu woble push up

Its pretty simple concept and if you are doing it at the right intensity it shouldn’t take you more than an hour in the gym. I start as with most of my workouts on the elliptical for 6 mins then stretch. I’m going to give you a concept and let you develop your own movements. The idea is to pick one high endurance or ” pink fiber” muscle group Legs, Abs, core/back these are all muscle you can do often with high rep counts. This will be what we call the base.

Archers T plank Good Base exercise

You will pick 3 exercise within your base. For instance I chose abs as my base today 3 different movements within abs. Plank rocks, Ball crunch and leg lifts. Then you will choose 15 different other movements lets called them secondary lifts – push ups, shoulder press, lat pull downs, curls really anything and everything that is outside of the base you chose for that day. You will keep 20 rep count for every secondary lift and every base. The concept is to alternate from base to secondary. So do 20 base and 20 secondary then back to base.

Did I lose you ? here is an example the first block : I did 20 reps of lat pull downs, then 20 plank rocks , then 20 shoulder press, then 20 plank rocks, then 20 push ups, then 20 plank rocks , then 20 dips, then 20 plank rocks.

The Next block I did 20 low row, then 20 ball crunch, then 20 leg extensions , then 20 ball crunch.. hopefully you see the pattern here you do one exercise then do you base so the base is the only exercise you do multiple sets of. After you are all said and done you will completed 300 reps of your base and 300 of the secondary hence the 600 workout. The idea behind it is no to over tax any muscle group other then those 3 base groups I gave you.

I typically only do this type of workout 3 x a week for about 3 weeks max. But I started playing with it last year a bit where I was choosing other muscle groups for my base like chest, arms, and shoulders to get definition and build muscular endurance. I haven’t done it enough to see the results but in my opinion it could be a good way to change things up for a month or two to affect change in body composition.